Cosmic Trends: The Year Ahead with Sandy and Susan

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PAID- FULL YEAR CLIENTS ONLY: Book Your Next Appointment

Use this service (once you have already paid) to book your next Quarterly Appointment.

(1 hour)

The Year Ahead (1 session)

60 min. The Year Ahead consultation with Sandy and Susan

Learn how the big cosmic trends affect you personally with individual coaching from astrologers Sandy Rueve and Susan Gidel.

We’ll take a look at your natal horoscope chart and see where the cosmic trends tie into it throughout the year as the cogs of the charts mesh together. You’ll get:

• Your personal cosmic trends
• A heads-up on what to expect
• Confidence in handling whatever comes your way
• Exact dates to take action

(1 hour)
$ 180.00

The Year Ahead (4 sessions)

You will book you quarterly appointments after this booking!

FOUR 60-minute sessions via Skype

With quarterly personal coaching sessions, you’ll be able to put a microscope on what may come your way astrologically over the next three months. And, we’ll follow-up on what happened the previous quarter. Great for staying focused on achieving this year’s intentions!

*Please note: You will have to schedule your first reading. Then, you will use the top link “PAID YEAR CLIENTS ONLY: Book Your Next Appointment”

(1 hour)
$ 640.00